Feminism…Where Are You?

While home sick I decided to watch Gloria: In Her Own Words about Gloria Steinem.  It showcased all the feminist issues that she and others fought for in the 60’s and 70’s.  Fighting for equality: the right to be an equal to a man both in the workplace and at home.  It reminded me that women had to, and still do, fight to be equal. Something I had taken for granted because of how far these women have come in their fight.

They fought for equal pay and the right to do what they wish with their bodies.  Taking on hard and real subjects like sexual harassment, contraception, abortions, same sex marriage and transgender rights. Every one of these things are still relevant in today’s society and are still being fought for. There is a group of strong woman that still fight the good fight every day. But…

Watching this was a huge wake up call.  If I were one of the women that had fought so hard and long for equality back then I would be pissed about what I see today.  What did I fight for? For women like Snooki, Lindsey and Taylor to be idealized in the media doing what they do? Women no longer seem to be evolving and in fact we seem to be moving farther down.

I became further frustrated while watching the news later that day.  I remembered when I was in college and at least one of my girlfriends wanted to be President.  Now I look at the women in politics and think where are all the smart, intelligent women that had such ambition?  Why are these completely incompetent women speaking the loudest?

I sat there I couldn’t help but be sad for those that fought so hard.  As I get older the women I meet aren’t all that different from the women back in the 50’s.  Many have decided to stay home and raise families, some of my girlfriends are trolling the bars looking for Mr. Right to marry, to make babies and settle into that nice suburban home.  Haven’t we, as women, decided that there is more to do in this world than raise the family and provide a good home for our husbands? Or if you prefer to raise children awesome just do it with the flair of equality.

What happened to the Amelia Earhart’s, Queen Elizabeth’s and Marie Curie’s of the world?  I refuse to agree that Sarah Palin or Kelly Ripa are the women of the future.  I want to see a story about a woman that is worth my time.  A woman that makes me remember why women fought in the first place. I am begging for a new role model for feminism. Will you step up?



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